Crowdfunding to Support Refugee Children with Disabilities.

Today, we are asking for your support!
For a year now, we have been offering a play, support, and relief program for refugee families with children with disabilities. With the help of Volksbank, we aim to raise funds to secure working materials for our group for the year 2024.

How can you help?
Just click on this link and select “Support project now.” Then you can specify any amount you wish to donate.
Volksbank has already donated €250 to kickstart our campaign. But that’s not all! For every additional donation from you, the bank will add 50% of the amount on top (up to €100). This means: for a donation of €50, the bank will support us with an additional €25!

We would appreciate any help to provide the best possible support to the children and families. We would also be very grateful for sharing this on social media!

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